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A place for the unearthing, discussion, and exploration of culturally taboo acts and practices.

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The Open Closet was created for the purpose of considering, from an open minded perspective, whether acts or ideas considered culturally taboo really merit their despised status. Articles and seeds submitted to the group should have a primary focus on these issues, and aim to engender healthy, constructive discussion.

The Free Online Dictionary defines taboo as:
1. A ban or an inhibition resulting from social custom or emotional aversion.
So for the purpose of this group, we will include any content focusing on subjects which could be considered as defined by this statement. This could, of course, include many sexual fetishes, but it also includes ideas so controversial that they are never spoken in "polite company" or notions such as how wearing a hat in court is "disrespectful". For examples, feel free to read through the comment thread here

What is the point?

The aim of The Open Door is to try to encourage critical thought about many of the prohibitions in our culture, particularly those so deeply ingrained that it often does not occur to us to question them. It may well be that many of them exist for good reason and need to be upheld, but many of them are also clearly outdated. If we are going to continue to evolve emotionally and intellectually as a society, it is important to periodically stop and consider our core responses to the rules we have created in order to decide whether those rules are actually helping or hurting us.